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A Little About Me

A bit about me

I am a professional photographer with a BA(Hons) in photography. My love of photography started when I was 16 and my passion for it has grown ever since.

I have a fine art photography and apparel website, showcasing my personal photography and sale items, which you can view at www.HarrietLaceyApparel.com

(you can also gain a good impression of my style of photography by viewing my catalogue and Facebook)

Wedding Photography

Photography is the window to our past, a visual memoir of our history. I myself love photography for its ability to document and capture all of our natural moments.

I aim to photograph people in their most natural state, as this creates a true representation of that special moment.

It is important to have group & family shots but for the most part I like to be unobtrusive so family, friends and the general atmosphere will be as fun and relaxed as possible.

Every wedding is different, which is why Ilike to have a consultation before every wedding, to ensure your day will be beautiful!

Contact me via Email or phone for a quote or more information.


Harriet Lacey